Featured Session : Transformation – Insights Into Why Only 30% of Brands Truly Succeed

Transformation. It’s the buzz-word on every marketer’s lips, and the objective of what feels like every brand’s strategy. And yet, research shows that at least 70% of transformation programs fail. Why? What is everyone trying to achieve and how can they actually get there?

In this session we’ll look at transformation through three lenses: what is driving it from a consumer and cultural perspective, how brands are reacting and focusing their internal transformation agendas, and how agencies are working to simultaneously transform themselves in order to better serve these emerging needs. Each point will offer candid opinions and reflections on what creates success, as well as a bit of honesty about the hard lessons that we learn along the way.

Where & When
Thursday, November 14th
1:00pm - 1:30pm
Main Agenda
Theme 6: Laying the Right Foundation
Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer APAC
Wunderman Thompson